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The Clayton Steam Generator

This video explains why The Clayton Steam Generator is used by most of the World's best known companies.

Clayton Safety Demonstration

This video demonstrates the inherent safety of the Clayton Steam Generator design. Even with the safety devices removed, this test proves that it is not possible to create a steam explosion.

Firetube Boiler Explosion

This video shows an actual explosion of a conventional firetube boiler that was caused by low water level in the boiler. The massive destruction that resulted is an example of what can happen with the conventional firetube boiler designs.

Modular Steam System

This video shows a complete 3000 kg/h boiler house being delivered as two modules and demonstrate that only a small space is required for the Clayton Steam Systems.

High Power Boiler House

This video shows a complete Clayton Steam System with two automatic, 250 BHP sequence controlled steam generators supplying steam on-demand.

Split Level Boiler House

This video shows two high output Clayton steam generators installed within containerised plant rooms. These fully automatic unmanned units produce high quality dry steam and are self-contained, independent systems.

Two 400 BHP Steam Generator Container

This video shows two Clayton steam generators, providing 12 t/h of steam, mounted in a transportable weatherproof container for fast on-site installation. The container includes all auxiliary equipment required and is fully factory tested before to despatch.

Skid Mounted Steam Generator

This video shows a skid mounted automatic Clayton Steam Generator complete feedwater treatment system. This compact, fast acting, high efficient system supplied quality dry steam for an industrial process.

Skid Mounted Factory Located Steam Generator

This video shows a small Clayton Steam Generator system being used in a high pressure rubber moulding application providing, high quality on-demand steam. The system is skid mounted and has fully automatic controls as well as a complete feedwater treatment system.

Superheat Steam Generator in Power Plant

The installation of a Clayton Superheat Steam Generator at a Power Station. Small size, high power and easily installed. Start-up - and up to full superheated steam operation in less than 20 minutes.

Clayton Exhaust Gas Boilers

This video shows an installation of four Clayton Exhaust Boiler on multiple gas engine generator sets. Clayton also supplied the complete feedwater treatment systems for this installation. The units recover 5 MW of heat and produce over 7 T/h of high quality steam. The system uses touch screen technology for precise control and monitoring.

10MW Output in 10 Minutes

This video demonstrates the remarkable ten minute start time of the 10 MW, 15 Tonnes/h Clayton Steam Generator on the factory test rig. It shows the panel displays as the unit transitions from purge to fire-up and pressure-up phases.

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